Chris' 1986 GLHS L2 Bodies page

Owner: Dennis Fuller
Stats: 1987 Shelby Charger 2.2L Turbo I
I purchased my 1987 Shelby Charger in the summer of 1993. I repainted the car in the spring of 1995 and then retired it from daily use. ditched the old and deteriorating rims in exchange for a set of swiss cheese rims. I wanted something that would make my Shelby Charger somewhat unique in appearance and the swiss cheese rims fit the bill. Other modifications that I have made to it include a MP computer, K&N filter, Inforcer I camshaft, Jacob's Ultra Team ignition system with Jacob's solid core plug wires and AC Delco Rapid Fire spark plugs. Every turbo car needs a boost gage and I installed mine on the center console, just above the driver's right knee. At one point in time, this car had a pretty powerful stereo system. Almost the entire rear hatch area was engulfed by a Pyle speaker box with a pair of 15" Cerwin-Vega speakers driven by a pair of bridged amps. I have removed these pieces except for the Blaupunkt CD player.

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