Chris' 1986 GLHS L4 Bodies page

Owner: Duane Watters
Stats: 1985 Omni GLH-T
My 1985 Dodge Omni GLH was scheduled to start life on Monday the 7th of January 1985. Whether it was built on schedule, I do not know, But it was delivered to a dealership in California. It was purchased and started it's life running around California. Later in it's life It was either sold or the original purchasers moved to Beaver, UT and and it ran around Southern Utah, until one of there children started to go to Brigham Young University. In Provo Utah it ran around Provo. Until the fateful day it caught fire. It was take to CompuTune for a tune-up. When the tune-up was completed. While the job was being paid for, It was idling happily on the drive strip, When it's engine caught fire, on the drivers side. The owner threw a fit and had Computune buy the car from him, And it went to the Auto Auction 3 time with a minimum of 150.00 with no sale. Then my friend Scott saw the GLH and purchased it for 300.00. Then Scott started the GLHs' long conversion to a race car, It was fitted with a Ed Peters 2.6L Turbo II engine and a 555 geared 525, Then the it had the SLH I Brake package installed. and then a Daytona Radiator / Intercooler installed, The A/C was stripped and the Power Steering was removed and a Turismo 2.2 manual rack was installed in its place. The computer chores were converted to a SMEC. Then he tried to start it and the intank fuel pump was not up to the chore. In frustration he tried to sell it, He found a buyer for everything except the body. I purchased the body for 225.00, then did a Turbo I to a Turbo II conversion to a 1986 Shelby Charger, which gave me a 1986 Turbo I and a Turbo I 525, I had a set of stock brake calipers which were installed in the place of the SLH brake package. And then I installed an 11 PSI performance computer, a set of Dunlop Qualifier HR's. Currently I have a fresh 2.2 Turbo I ready to go in , It just waiting for a clutch. It is a hybrid 85/86 2.2 TI, I used the original block & Pistons then it was fitted with a 8 Bolt 86 crankshaft. I had a freshly rebuilt Turbo I G-Cast head, I installed MP Vinton valve guide seals. I sealed the combustion gasses with a MP Head gasket, The lubrication is handled by a MP High Volume oil pump fitted with a MP High Pressure relief spring. once the drive train is restored then the Body and Interior needs restoration. June 27, 1998 I took it to and All Mopar Drags and Rocky Mountain Raceway my best time was 15.56@87.92 MPH @4570 Feet above Sea Level, Not bad for a FOUR cylinder. 

My Dodge Omni GLH Turbos' Options

06 =
127390 =
END = End of line
RCB = Stereo 2 speaker
GSF = Right Remote Mirror (Paint)
HAA = Air Conditioning
JHB = Rear Washer & Wiper
MMG = Black Belt Molding
NAE = California Emissions
AGB = GLH Package
CKM = Cargo Dress-up
CUA = Console Armrest
CUC = Console
DLB = 2.57 Ratio 5 Speed
GFA = Rear Window Defroster
107 = Scheduled Production Date
GT756101 = Vehicle Order Number (VON)
DDF = 5 Speed Manual Transmission
U = Built to United States Specifications
EDG = 2.2 Turbo 1 Engine
B5 = Cloth Hi-Back Bucket
M6 = Red Interior
PR5 = Primary Paint Color (Graphic Red)
QR5 = Secondary Paint Color (Graphic Red)
APA = Monotone Exterior Paint
LZE44 = L=L-Body, Z=Omni, E=Economy, 44=4-Dr Hatchback
Frame = Inspector A
Drill = Inspector F
B/W = Inspector AJ
Paint = Inspector 14

The following are all suggested list prices:

1985 Omni GLH- $7620

Turbo I- $872
Air- $643
Light Package- $55
Radio/am/fm/cassette- $264
Rear Window Defroster- $132
Rear Wiper/Washer- $120
Protection Group- $189

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