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Owner: Garry McKissick
Stats: 1988 Dodge Shadow CSX-T #292
Here is a picture of my 1988 CSX-T #292 that I just recently purchased. As you'll notice, the front grill has a slight boo-boo which I am hoping to repair in the near future. Not bad for $1700 eh?!? Yup, that's right I paid $1700 for this beauty. I added the white windshield visor with a new Shelby decal on top of the visor, plus the aftermarket rims. This is what the rear of the CSX-T looks like. As you will notice the license plate reads, "RU FAST". The rims on the car are TSW Hockheim R, sized 15 x 7 with a 40mm offset. I have gotten many compliments on the rims. A better close up of the rims are below. The engine inside the car is totally stock. It doesn't even have a K&N air filter, after getting it home I gave the engine new plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. The timing was also reset back to 12 degrees. The engine has 109,290 miles on it and purrs like a kitten. I decided to take the CSX-T over to PowerCurve for a couple of baseline dyno runs. The CSX-T did quite well on the dyno, the first run it pulled-- 117.6 HP and 151.7 Ft-lbs. The second run pulled 113.4 HP and 152.6 Ft-lbs. All of these figures are at the wheels. Seeing that the engine is totally stock this is quite impressive. The engine will be getting new pistons in the near future. I was able to get some Mahle "E" sized pistons out of Germany. The pistons are connected to 2.2L Lightweight connecting rods, inside the rods are coated rod bearings. Other upgrades to the engine will include, a ported and polished cylinder head, a ported and polished intake (one-piece with 52mm throttle body), and a ported and polished exhaust manifold. The turbocharger that I will be using is the one that used to be on Sleeper's old engine. Got a new turbo for Sleeper's ultimate engine, so planned to use the old one on the CSX-T.

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