Chris' 1986 GLHS P Bodies page

Owner: Joe Molnar
Stats: 1987 CSX #747 
    1987 CSX # 747 with 91 T-III & 568. Motor is balanced w/.020 venolia pistons & file fit rings. Motor has ARP head & main studs along with ARP rod bolts. Head & manifolds are ported, polished & more aggressive cam profiles with .430 lift are being installed during this project. A five angle valve job was also done. A hybrid turbo will exhaust through a 3" exhaust system. The trans is a Ramsdell built 568 w/ quafe. All electronics & engine compartment wiring is from the 91 Spirit R/T donor car. A Sperco intercooler is mounted up front.

    In the suspension department, later model cast a-arm & k-frame are used along with the later model front disc brake assembly. Poly bushings are used up front & custom machined poly bushings also installed in the rear trailing arms & track bar. I am using Koni's up front with KYB gas adjust in the rear w/Eibach springs all around. Neon front strut bars are mounted in the front & one was modified to fit the rear to tie the shock mounts together.

 The battery is relocated to the trunk to clean up the engine compartment. A new interior was redone with factory material . Custom gauges are also mounted in the dash & in a pillar pod. A new decal set from positive impressions was installed during the cosmetic part of the project. The paint was in good condition when the car was purchased in 6/200, with some fine scratches, but not bad enough to repaint. That's it in a nut shell, allot more was done but too much to list. Update pics will be sent soon up on completion. My special thanks to Cindy at FWD performance who supplied 95% of my parts & port work. My thanks also to the guys on the mailing list who supplied me with info on the wiring & intercooler mounting during this project. Without this kind of help this car would have been a much harder task to build.

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