Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: Josef Molnar Jr.
Stats: 1987 Daytona Shelby Z
1987 Shelby Z owned for 6 years and has been an ongoing project for about that long.  Went through a total restoration last year,  New paint, side moldings, carpet, the works.  The motor was built in 1997.  TII short block, FM Enforcer I head with 44mm/38mm valves.  FM enforcer I turbo, ported exhaust/intake manifold.  Had FM 475 cam up until we found it to have a worn lobe with flat spots on the followers also.  A 88 roller cam/rockers are being installed in place of the FM unit.  The intercooler has been relocated to the nose.  AC and power steering have both been removed.  Electronics are a ND 16psi module which uses +40% injectors and a GM 3 bar MAP.  I run an MSD 6A ignition box with a Blaster 2 coil with magnecore wires and NGK v-groove plugs.  The exhaust is a 2.5" aluminized system w/no cat and a DynoMax race magnum bullet.  The suspension was just upgraded to KYB's all around along with polyurethane bushings.  A Neon strut tower brace has be custom fit also.  The only stock gauge remaining is the speedo, the rest have been replaced by a full compliment of AutoMeter gauges, all custom fit into the dash, and a dual gauge pod for boost and a/f gauges.  An FM header kit will be the next project.  I am sure something has been left out but like I said it's a living project ;o)

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