Chris' 1986 GLHS L2 Bodies page

Owner: John Nolan
Stats: 1987 Shelby Charger AKA Money Pit
The recaro's came off an 87 GLHS that was at ULowell. I Teased the guy to sell them to me but no change.  Then a month or so later he called and was interested in talking.  It turned out hit clipped a curb on an off ramp and sent the left front wheel into the fender knocking out the axle.  So Seth Prentiss and I worked out a deal ( I had an 85 SC at the time I didn't really need) with the guy and I got the seats.  Seth eventually sold the "S" (as he got the rest of the car).

3rd Brake light - I always hated the zit on the spoiler brake light.  So I spotted a 3rd brake light from an Astro van and mounted it inside.  Just needs a little shield to keep the RED light from illuminating the whole back half of the car - it looks like a strip club!  The flat spoiler came off my old 85 SC.

Plumbing - The IC plumbing is made from several sections of mendrel bent pieces, welded and cut to fit then alumacoated to give it a sort of chrome look.
The welds were ground down to get a clean look as possible.

A remote oil filter and cooler is mounted on the passenger side.  The junction next to the oil filter is the oil thermosat for the cooler.

Spearco - Now this car was designed and started to be put together in the fall of 93.  I've seen some web sites that show this same intercooler but look at the time frame differences.  After a nice run you can really feel the difference in the pipes - real chilly going into the TB.

Crank Trigger - This baby is the ignitions pulse for the F&P Performance programable software. Crank timing is adjusted here. Cam timing is adjustable also!


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