Chris' 1986 GLHS L2 Bodies page

Owner: Kevin Isenberg
Stats: 1987 Shelby GLHS #592
& 1985 Dodge Shelby Charger
This is my 1987 Shelby GLHS.  It is #0592 of the 1000 made.  I have wanted one of these cars ever since I purchased my 1985 Shelby Charger.  I bought this car in August 1999 and fulfilled my dream of owning one.  The odometer reads 45,222 miles.
(as of 1/21/00)  It is totally stock except for a drop in K&N filter and an Autometer boost guage.  I plan to install a stage 2 computer, 2.5" exhaust, and some IROC Daytona wheels, that I recently purchased.  I'm gong to store the Centurions and use them for shows only.  The paint you see is the same paint it left the factory with and the interior looks almost new.

Below that are pics of my 1985 Dodge Shelby Charger.  I bought the car in August 1995.  It is the first car that I ever owned.  I was so thankful to have this car since I had to drive dad's Japanese junk for six years.  In Dec. 1996 I was hit at an intersection by an old man in a Ford pickup.  I got the shaft from the Cookeville, TN police.  Yes, I still hold a grudge. It seems that the officer knew the guy that hit me.  College student in a sports car had to be speeding.  Phantom witness.  You know the story.  Since the car has so much sentimental value, I've spent more than it's worth rebuilding it.  Right now, it is a turbo 1 with a Mopar Performance logic module and a wasted 525.  I plan to convert it to '86 electronics and convert it to turbo 2 using a late turbo 1 intake manifold and Mitsubishi Starion intercooler.  I also plan to repaint it, in the factory paint scheme and colors, after the conversion.

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