Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: Kurt
Stats: 1990 Daytona ShelbyVNT converted to S70
My car was a 90 Daytona Shelby VNT but i was running too much boost for that little turbo and blew the seal so I decided to convert to a super 70.
The car only has 64,000 miles on and is in very nice shape but it does need paint. 
Some of the Mods are: 
Ported Intake and Exhaust manifolds 
Big Valve head 
+40 injectors 
Under drive pulley 
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 
2.5 inch exhaust with a dynomax bullet in place of the cat and the exhaust 
comes out the side of the car under the drivers door (Not in Pics) 
MP 8 mm plug wires 
Super 60 cam 
Super 70 turbo 

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