Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: Lee Scott
Stats: 1989 Daytona Shelby (2) & 92 IROC R/T
1989 Shelby Daytona (White)   I was messing around on autotrader several weeks ago and came across one of their "basic" listings for an 89 Daytona Shelby $1000.00. That's all it said with no other description. Not really thinking much about it, I E-mailed the guy asking for details (I just knew it was going to be a POS). To my surprise, he E-mailed me within a couple of hours and sent a complete description along with pics. To make things more exciting, he lived in Orlando, just 6 hours away!

Turns out, it was a one owner, 100K mile example and he had all maintenance done at the local dealer! How rare is that! I really couldn't believe what kind of shape it was in looking at the pics but it looked just as good in person I must tell you. I couldn't give him the $$ fast enough. He told me he had to let it go so cheap because he had a baby a couple of months earlier and it wasn't practical for that. My gain!

Options include: T-tops, pw, pdl, pm, Power Enthusiast, Infinity W/CD, cruise, auto trans. The car is an original Mass car and had all that anti-rust grease plastered in the engine compartment. It took quite a while to clean it and it was disgusting. What's funny is, it has the "Turbo Intercooled" decal from the factory even though it's the T-1 automatic. I wonder if anyone else's has that?

1989 Shelby Daytona (Silver)   I also found this in autotrader and the guy was here local to my surprise. It has 88k original miles but it is not in as good a shape as the white one. It just goes to show what happens when a car is not taken care of as it is supposed to be. It still looks good though. It has the T-II, 5spd, pw,pdl,pm, cruise and Infinity cassette. I am the 3rd owner. Stock except K&N cone, Modified Talon BOV and modified 180 thermostat. I purchased it for $1800.00 a few months ago.

The R/T was purchased for only $400.00 and ONLY needs everything. I am currently restoring it. The superbird is owned by the guy painting my car.
He bought it off Ebay.

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