Chris' 1986 GLHS L4 Bodies page

Owner: Mike Chan
Stats: 1986 Omni GLH-T
I purchased my GLH-T in mid 96. It showed 76K miles, but may be more like 176K. I drove it hard all summer and had a blast until I had to take it in to get smogged. It had a bad EGR valve and could not pass, so I started to take the engine apart. It was then that we (My brother and I) found that the head was cracked. We took this as a sign to rebuild the top end, so I went with the MP Cam, Performance springs and retainers, 'G' cast head, and the MP computer. We put the car back together, and it ran good, but was always rich. Last year (late 97), a knocking started to occur from the bottom of the engine, so I replaced the engine with a rebuilt one, from here, it started to get fun, since the car was going to sit for a while anyways, I decided to go all out. So, I went with forged pistons, and rods, polished and ported the head, oil cooler, and started playing around with bleeds. I also added Aadco front and rear sway bars, and MP Springs. This was the best the car had ever been, then in early February, I drowned the car in 3 1/2 feet of water. I was driving home late one night (during the big el nino down pour) and failed to see a flooded out section of the road. I hit a wall of water (about a foot or two high) going about 35, and managed to stop the car before going in to far. I slipped the car in reverse and tried to back out, but it was too late. The storm drain overflowed, and water came gushing out of a man hole (due to heavy rain and high tide) and my car was pushed to the other side of the street. The engine took in water, and the connecting rods were bent. A few months later, I am now in the process of getting yet another rebuilt engine. With luck, everything else will still be okay. I will let you know when I get her back on the road.

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