Chris' 1986 GLHS AA Bodies page

Owner: Mike Kelley
Stats: 1991 Spirit R/T
Quote: "Problem Addict"
Mileage: 90, 000
Quarter Mileage: 14.52@97.17
Story: After my GLH-T was totalled in an accident, I decided an upgrade was in order. I bought this beautiful R/T from Angelo Taylor. After driving this car home (a two day trip!) I vowed to never own an L-body as a daily driver! As sacreligious as that may sound, the R/T gave me everything I was looking to upgrade in the GLH, (creature comforts, quieter cabin, more reliability, etc.) all wrapped up in a faster package :-) Besides its quirky problems and the constant worry of breaking an NS1 part, I have been more than happy with my new obsession. Mods: 2.5" exhaust, no catalytic converter, adjustable fuel pressure regulator

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