Chris' 1986 GLHS P Bodies page

Owner: Steve Kalmes
Stats: 1988 CSX-T & 87 CSX


This is our 1988 Shelby CSX-T. (Carroll Shelby eXperimental - Thrifty)  It is #475 of 1000 made for Thrifty Car Rental.  It came from Sacramento CA. and was sold in Sioux City, IA 9/6/89 with 13,997 miles.  It moved to Cedar Rapids Iowa where I purchased it October 1998. 2.2L Turbo, 5 Speed, 4 wheel disks, Shelby steering wheel and Valve Cover. Numbered dash tag and "Shelby Automobiles" door sill tags.  48,000 miles and is now 99% original with 4 "Brand New"  Goodyear Gaterback 205/50/15 Radials. I found 2 in New York, one in Rochester, MN, and one in my home town Goodyear Store.  All 4 Shelby Gray on Gray Embroidered Floor Mats.  Shelby Valve Cover Cap and mirror polished LaMons rims with reproduced CS Shelby Logo centercaps. 

Award winner at the Mopars on the Mississippi in Dubuque, IA the weekend after the Mopar Nationals 08/99 and 08/00, Outstanding In Class Award at the Mopars in the Park Show, Shakopee, MN 06/00 and Judged entry at SDAC-10 Ann Arbor MI 07/00. First Place winner in "Shelby Only" Class 07/2001 at the ChicagoLand Mopar's "Belvidere Mopar Happening" held at the Chrysler Assembly Plant.


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