Chris' 1986 GLHS AA Bodies page

Owner: Wayne Hemingway
Stats: 1991 Dodge Spirit ES Turbo
Mileage: 130, 000
Bought in March 97, with blown motor, used to be owned by Randell Rasmussen who played for the NY Jets. Bought with 109,000 miles. Engine Mods: Motor rebuilt when purchased car. Engine stock 2.5L Turbo I, (recent) MP Bathtub chamber head with stock 91 roller cam, 1mm oversize valves, and 0.020" Fel-Pro copper "Head Saver" head gasket. balance shafts have been removed to free up some horsepower. I have retained my AC and use it all the time, with my 180 deg thermostat, it keeps my engine cool as it cycles the electric fan on. Trans Mods: Stock A-523 5 speed, 3.50 gear. Tranny has handbuilt posi by Chuck Noonan, as well as a Centerforce Dual-Friction Clutch, shifter has been chopped 1.5" for shorter shifts, and clutch cable has been relocated for less pedal travel. Turbo and Exhaust: Turbonetics Super 60 turbo (.63 AVR intake, .48 AVR exhaust), K&N filter (RU 0910) mounted directly onto turbo inlet, BOV relocated to behind drivers side headlight (stock BOV cut out of airbox), custom front mounted Spearco intercooler, complete 2.5" smooth bent exhaust, with high flow cat (removable) and Edlebrock RPM muffler, Intercooler plumbing is mandrel bent 2.25" steel tube.Fuel System: Car uses stock injectors (the four primary ones), stock fuel rail, Ed Peters Viper Fuel Pump, stock computer, Three secondary injectors stage on at varying boost levels via pressure switches, 5th @ 12#, 6th @ 16#, and 7th @ 20#. Fuel pressure has been increased to 65psi above manifold pressure by squashing the regulator. Fuel and boost systems have been engineered by Tom "Gus" Mahon. Other Mods:Custom stainless auxiliary fuel rail for extra injectors, Custom made Lexan air dam. A quad stage bleed: four boost settings (engineered by Gus). I also have a fan override (on) switch, located next to the quad stage bleed switches behind my shifter. I have a VDO 30# boost gauge that has been mounted to my column with a custom self-made bracket, as well as a Cyberdyne Fuel/Air Ratio Gauge also custom mounted to the right of my column. Also a single air shock mounted in the driver's side rear, to push weight down on pass front while racing. 205/60/15's mounted on 15x6 white painted Crab wheels Mopar Performance Autocross springs, lowers car about 1" from stock. Performance: Best ET: 13.07 @ 107.88 mph on 13 May 98 at Lebanon Valley Dragway on 25# boost, open exhaust and slicks and race weight of 2984 pounds. Previous record was 13.106 @ 107.59 mph on 24 April 98 at Old Bridge Township Raceway (Englishtown), NJ on 24# boost open exhaust, slicks I had the car dyno'd, and although it was dyno'd with full exhaust and only 21# of boost (limited to 21 because of the exhaust restriction) still made 233hp and 309 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels. running the car with open exhaust and at 25# boost would be more representative of how I run at the track, and estimated 290 hp. Future mods: 3" Exhaust will probably be in the works shortly, due to finding the limit of the present set-up. Clutch will most likely need to be replaced this year, and I will switch to a McCleod Clutch which will be able to handle more power and torque than the Centerforce Dual-Friction Installation of a fuel pressure gauge, possibly electric I plan on locating the proper front bumper cover with foglights ( e-mail me if you have info ), adding the power driver's seat frame, and finding a Chrysler CD/Cass radio. Also looking to replace intercooler plumbing with aluminum tube (as soon as I can find 2.25" cheap, and mandrel bent)

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